We will work to create an attractive Business vector logo design that improves brand recognition with existing customers and captures initial interest from potential customers. Your logo is the core identity to your brand and we will collaborate with you in order to maintain your company’s essence, while improving your overall look. The Business vector logo gives the first impression of who you are and what you can offer your clients. Our team of designers will use all design tools available in creating a meaningful and communicative logo suitable for your brand.

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If you are planning to start a new venture or just looking to give your old logo design a bit of a makeover, Newwave Graphix can assure you that our expertise and ingredients present the perfect competitive logo design solution for your business. Be it a full-grown organisation or a small to medium business, we can create logo designs that are unique, versatile and translate well in every aspect of your brand.

Since a logo is the visual entity signifying an organization, logo design is an important area of graphic design. A logo is the central element of a complex identification system that must be functionally extended to all communications of an organization. Therefore, the design of logos and their incorporation in a visual identity system is one of the most difficult and important areas of graphic design. Logos fall into three classifications (which can be combined). Ideographs, such as Chase Bank, are completely abstract forms; pictographs are iconic, representational designs; logotypes (or wordmarks) depict the name or company initials. Because logos are meant to represent companies' brands or corporate identities and foster their immediate customer recognition, it is crucial that your logo stands out and is translated into your complete business image.